Saturday, May 20, 2006


Vikas WSP is the company that is doing business in Guar Gum & it is based at Sri -Ganganagar , Haryana. This Scrip is Delisted / Suspended for so many years from all Indian Stock Exchanges due to mismanagement of its Corporate People. Its only 13.08% shares are with Promoters & mainly are with Public & Mutual funds etc. Since last so many years People are having its shares but are not able to sell them & Lakhs & Lakhs Ruppes of people is stuck with this company. It is requested to SEBI & Finance Ministry that they look into this company's affairs & get Listed this company on BSE / NSE. It is also requested to CNBC team to look into & help Investors to get it Listed so that People can sell their shares which are stuck with them for Years.