Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vikas WSP to move higher & higher

After much times, investors, mutual funds & FI's interest has again been with the stock of Vikas WSP. It's one stock which is having Earning per share of Rs. 9 for Rs. 1 stock. It's Book Value is around Rs. 60. At multiple of 7-8 of EPS it's fair price is in the range of Rs. 63-72. This mutual funds & FI's have realized & are accumulating this stock in big volumes.

So Dear Friends, it has a very bright future. Only thing that you have to do is "KEEP PATIENCE" for some more time & certainly you shall reap rich rewards. Do buy, buy & buy this stock........Just Wait, Wait, Wait little more & see it zooms to Rs. 70-75.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vikas WSP is big fraud .For more details go through the below links

2:02 PM  

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