Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wait for Vikas WSP share to go to B1 or B2 group from Z group

Everybody is wondering why Vikas WSP share is not moving upwards now a days. Pl. note that at present this stock is in the Z group. In Z group all shares are traded on delivery basis only & shares are not net off on that day. This simply means that Day trading i.e. when you can buy & sell shares on the same day & the shares are net off on that day, is not possible now. This also means that "Day traders" who really make movement to a stock are absent in this stock.

If you just see Reliance shares, most of the trading is done by day traders, which increases the liquidity of the stock in the market & volumes are increased phenomenally & hence speculative buying ( by not investing much money or at all any money) increases the share price. So the juice that is provided to any share by the "Day traders" is missing in Vikas WSP right now, hence there is no speculative buying in this stock. Share market is mostly about speculation & that is provided by "Day traders" only. Now this "Day trading" can only happen once Vikas WSP share comes out of "Z group" & moves to B1 or B2 group.

As per today's quarterly results, Vikas WSP has shown remarkably well, increase in profits & sales. Seeing the health of the company & it's future plans, this share shall increase greatly once it moves to B1 or B2 group & when "Day traders" are able to increase liquidity of this stock in the market. So advice to all those who are holding this shares, is to wait a little bit more, as very soon it shall come out of "Z group" & shall move to B1 or B2 group. Once that happens, it's price shall zoom like anything.

So Dear Friends, don't lose heart, as it has a very bright future. Only thing you have to do is "KEEP PATIENCE" for some more time & certainly you shall reap rich rewards. Do not, Do not, Do not sell in panic or in loss nowadays & Wait, Wait, Wait little more.

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Blogger Santosh said...

hi Sancho,

It was a good insight provided by you , as I was wondering whats happened to the stock prices of Vikas Wsp, there were some days when this stock use to show up only circuits filters.

I was not knowing that it has been listed in the Z group , as I still own some shares in Demat form and was wondering what has happend.

I would appreciate if you can provide some more insight on when is it probable that this stock would creep into the B1 or B2 category , what is the normal process for moving into such category. I really do not have the faith in management however the company is doing good. I have read a lot negative abtthe management, but i think the stock is great , and once it shows good steam i would prefer to come out of it.

Thanks and Regards

Santosh Mudaliar

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Nicki said...

Good for people to know.

11:15 AM  

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