Monday, September 10, 2007

Great appetite for Vikas WSP shares

Today, it was 11th consecutive trading day session, when Vikas WSP share opened on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5% & closed also on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5%. Trading volume today was 444,832 shares which was in line with last trading session but interesting thing was that during whole of the day it was on Upper Circuit limit of 5% freeze & there was great demand for this share. It's demand can be seen with the fact that at the end of the trading there were around 5.6 lakh shares lined up for buying at Rs. 58.85 which was 5% Upper Circuit limit for today.

This clearly shows that people are dying to get this share at prevailing price. This also shows that Vikas WSP share shall again open at 5% freeze level tomorrow also. Seeing this demand, this share is showing great inherent strength & shall easily cross Rs. 80 in the short run. So Dear investors, those already having this stock, don't sell in panic in the short term & wait for some more days as daily 5% increase in wealth, nobody would dislike.

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