Friday, September 07, 2007

Vikas WSP share on upper freeze for the 10th trading session

Today, it was 10th consecutive trading day session, when Vikas WSP share opened on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5% & closed also on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5%. Trading volume today was 492,614 shares & as per last two days trend, trading volume is on the decline but still people are there having a great demand for it at Upper Circuit limit of 5% freeze level also. It seems that it shall break it's freeze resistance in coming 4-5 sessions & then it's actual trading shall start but by then 60- 65 Lakh shares would have been traded which have been bought by the new investors & they would like to sell at some price margins above that level.

Seeing the short term trend nowadays, it seems that it shall somewhere settle for now at Rs. 70-80 in the coming days. But for the long term, it shall reach new heights & shall cross beyond Rs. 150. ( Pl. read my comment below the original post "Do Not sell 'Vikas WSP' below Rs. 150, you shall regret otherwise" for further logic, why it shall cross Rs. 150 in the long term.

Disclaimer:Pl. note that these are just my views. You can take views of other people / experts also in this matter & take your decision accordingly.

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Blogger India Intelligent Investor said...

Sancho - I feel the Intelligent investors have just entered Vikas WSP on the three high volume days - Wednesday to Friday. I have been following scrips with circuit levels and i am almost sure they normally exit after getting profit in the range of 40-50 percent. so i feel 85-95 will be a good level to exit. Any way the stock will not fall and will not be having much down freezes - hopefully not. It will rather consolidate. So better hold on and reap rich profits at 85-95 levels. Thats my opinion.

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