Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vikas WSP share gaining strength only

Today, it was 9th consecutive trading day session, when Vikas WSP share opened on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5% & closed also on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5%. Today total 1,226,853 shares were traded. Initially for around 1 hr, 3 Lakhs Shares were traded when its price range was Rs. 49 - Rs. 53.40 but again it went on freeze on Upper Circuit limit of 5% at Rs. 53.40 for the remaining day.

This only shows the inherent strength of Vikas WSP share. Initial 3 Lakh shares that were sold below Rs. 53.40 were by those investors who were not having their confidence in this stock & they might have regretted after selling it. So dear investors, hold on to this stock as 52 Lakh shares that have been traded in last two sessions have been bought by the intelligent investors who know that it shall gain new highs in the coming sessions. So investors , you too be intelligent & reap rich dividends by holding on to this stock if you are already having it. New investors can still buy at these prices as in short term they can gain heavily from this stock as compared to other stocks.

Happy buying this stock now & selling later at a good premium. Those already having this stock, keep it for quite some time & do not sell in panic.

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