Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do Not sell 'Vikas WSP' below Rs. 150, you shall regret otherwise

Thanks Mr. D. K. Sharma for your efforts, You are a real HERO. It's the most of your efforts that we have seen this day that Vikas WSP is listed on BSE once again & on Freeze daily. Every shareholder is going to reap a rich dividend, thanks to inverstors patience also that they hold this stock for such a long time. There are no words to thank you for your selfless efforts.......May GOD bless you & give you lot's of love & prosperity in your life. You have shown to the world that there are still people on this earth who can think of others & fight for them.

Kudos to you.

May GOD bless you once again.


*** Dear Shareholders of Vikas WSP : Pl. do not sell your shares for another 2 months as it shall easily reach between Rs. 150 - 200, seeing the mood of the market. Just see today's position, it's second day of trading after listing again & is on freeze daily, there are no sellers while there are buyers to the tune of around 42.0 Lakhs shares ( as of today's position), yes, 42 Lakhs shares. If you want to earn most out of this stock after 6 years of patience, just wait for another 2-3 months more & you shall be astonished to see how much you have earned out of this stock. Good luck, getting rich daily with this stock called Vikas WSP which shall bring a good change in every inverstor's ( Old one's) life.

Take Care & Happy Selling this stock above Rs. 150.

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Blogger Aparna said...

I am an old invester I had almost given up on these. Should I just hold on to them? I am in a bit of panic but why are you saying that it will go to 150 to 200 what is the basis please explain in simple economic terms...I am a very small investor

2:26 PM  
Blogger Sancho said...

Pl. note that the calculation of Vikas WSP going above Rs. 150 is based on it's past experience before 2001. At that time it was a favorite of stock market traders & at that time it reached near to Rs. 1500 for a Rs. 10 value share. Now again it is a favorite of stock market traders. In the long run, it shall come out of Z group & shall come in B1 , B2 group when Day trading i.e. when you can buy & sell shares on the same day & it's shares shall net off on that day, shall start. Then it's volumes of trading shall increase alot on daily basis. As of now it is delivery based & shares are not net off on that day. Keeping the EPS prediction of 6-8 in the long run it shall easily trade on 20-25 times it's EPS, which is very common nowadays for a blue chip stock.

As Vikas WSP is the largest company in India producing Guar gum based products & as company is going to invest further Rs. 700 Crore + in the expansions, Adarsh derivative getting merged with it, it shall continue to be a darling of the masses & that is why there are great chances of reaching this stock at beyond Rs. 150 in the long run.

In the short term seeing the trend nowadays, it shall somewhere settle for now at Rs. 70-80 in the coming days. But for the long run, this stock shall reach beyond Rs. 150.

Pl. note that this is just my calculation. You can take views of other people / experts also in this matter & take your decision accordingly.


8:01 PM  

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