Saturday, June 10, 2006

Appeals Going on Dead Ears

I have seen in the past 6 years hundreds of appeals like Mr. D.K.Sharma(Wg Cdr) making to SEBI , Vikas WSP promoters & all related institutions but in the last 6 years noone listens to investors grievances. Everyone on the other side is just indifferent to the plight of the investors. Nobody is bothered about investors as it makes little difference to them what is happening to investors. My dear Friends, this is India & not USA where things are taken strongly like Enron. Enron founder is on trial for his misdeeds in Enron. Let's hope best that appeals like Mr. D.K.Sharma(Wg Cdr) to SEBI etc. bring some fruit but seeing from the past records of SEBI etc. they are hardly going to do anything about relisting of Vikas WSP. Rather they have made up their mind to delist Vikas WSP permanently from the BSE. There is hardly any real buyer at 15-20 Rs./share also & GOD only knows what's in store for its investors. Let's hope for the best.....................


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a result of constant energetic fight made by Mr.D.K. Sharma, and a turn a round policy adopted by the management a civil suit filed in Dist. Court of SRIGANGA NAGAR went in favour of investors. But BSE unashamedly trying to go in for appeal before High Court of Jodhpur. The leader of Vikas Investor Forum, Mr. D.K.Sharma is all out to fight the adamant enforcing authorities till they realise the follies that caused many investors to loose their faith in institutions of governance.
S.Venkat Reddy

11:53 AM  

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